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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Avatar HD HVGA (320x480)

The best adventure game on the android phone .

To play this game make sure ur phone has been root . . if ur phone has been root just skip this step .
If ur phone not root , u must download a software call Z4root

Download Z4root here :

1) Install Z4root on ur phone
2) After u install , open the Z4root
3) Make sure u tap on permanent root

After u tap permanent root . ur phone will be restart .
After restart u will see a new application call Superuser
Now ur phone has been root sucessfully !

After ur root ur phone u must download a software called Chainfire 3D

Download Chainfire3D here :

After Download Chainfire3D . U must download the Chainfire3D plug-ins

Download Chainfire3D plug-ins here :

Extract the plug-ins.rar first .after that copy Plug-ins folder to sdcard only no path

After u finish copy plug-ins folder
Just follow this step :
1) Install a Chainfire3D on ur phone
2) After install open it
3) Tap on install plugin
4) After u finish install a plugin , open Default OpenGL settings
5) Make sure u tap on Reduce texture quality and reduce texture size
6) Tap on Use plugin and choose PowerVR
7) Exit a Chainfire3D and play a game

Download Link

Password : x10miniclub

Installation :
1) Copy data folder to sdcard/gameloft/games
2) Install apk and play


  1. Can you add dungeon hunter ??

  2. @allan1995
    Dungeon Hunter has added

  3. This game so hard to play without multitouch now I stuck at new game at the jumping

  4. @allan1995
    Yub , its very difficult .

  5. Mcm mne nk thu henfon kite dah root ke blum???

  6. prlu ke henfon ak di root kan dan ape function die?????

  7. @fazzlee
    Function dye rom asal(ori) akan tukar jdi custom rom. tpi custom rom lgi bgos dri rom asal . sbb dya akan tambah perfomance dkt fon kita

  8. asal ak x bleh root henfon ak..mse kat aquire root data die tros kluar...x de pon software superuser..

  9. @fazzlee
    ko kena root pkai superoneclick

  10. mcm mne bleh bgi step tak????

  11. @fazzlee
    Download superoneclick guna pc , pastu ko kena install usb driver (connect your phone to pc) dluw sblom buka superoneclick , lepas ko install buka superoneclick pastu click root , pastu dye ade kata (your android is higher 2.0) ko click ok jewp , klaw ko download superoneclick latest nye dya ta dew kuar (android is higher 2.0)

  12. plugin cant be installed..plz help..shuld i extract the rar files of plugin?

  13. @dark_king>
    after u download , extract the chaifire3d folder , and then it has two files , plug-ins folder and apk file make sure ur copy plug-ins folder to sdcard . when ur open it has 3 plug-ins do not extract that plug-ins

  14. hei mse ak nak load plug in x de pon power vr cume ade none je ..ape kne buat nie

  15. Ko kena install plug-ins dluw la .

  16. i cant download.. when i click the Chainfire3D link it goes to this web site Chainfire3D

  17. @Isuru Nuwan
    but, u can download chainfire3d at 4shared too

  18. game nih kalo dlm armv7 perlu chainfire lagi ke?

  19. @Chingbing
    perlu sbb game niyh bleyh bca kt powervr . .

  20. hello imsorry but the screen solution is too big for my android phone.. can u find the solution to reduce the screen solution so that i can play this awesome avatar? :)

  21. It cannot open says...
    This is not an original copy...wat to do ...???
    I have installed help...!!!!

  22. Plizzz reply fast...plizzz....!!!

  23. will work on SG ACE S-5830 ??

  24. hey !!! i have samsung galaxy ace, game is successfully loading but after showing me chapter 1 loading its show me error..please help me

  25. i solve the,"the game its not a otiginal copy",you only have to install the game with no internet conection and every time u are going to play tha game u cant have any internet connection

  26. broken link@ Huawei Sonic

  27. the file is removed from mediafire.please fix the links.