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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hero Of Sparta HVGA (320x480)

You wake up alone on an unknown beach -- your boat and entire fleet missing... It's the beginning of an epic odyssey to find out just what game the gods are playing with you, King Argos. Your fate now lies in their hands. Battle like the fierce Spartan warrior you are to avoid a tragic death as you journey from the Oracle's Island to Atlantis and finally to the depths of the Underworld. You will fight the most phenomenal monsters from mythology, defy Cerberus and the Cyclops, and challenge the gods themselves! It's your chance to write your own legend... if you can survive this mythic adventure.

  • A full 3D experience: move in 3 dimensions in superb and varied 3D environments.
  • Unleash the hero's special powers by performing touch screen move combos.
  • 8 different levels to explore: the mysterious Atlantis, the depths of the Underworld, and more.
  • Face legions of enemies and the most impressive mythical creatures such as the Cyclops or Cerberus.
  • Fabulous equipment and 5 mythic weapons to upgrade: draw your mythic swords, ax, and bow!
  • Fight, explore, solve puzzles... more than a basic hack and slash: a real odyssey.

Download Link

Installation :
1) Copy data folder to sdcard/gameloft/games
2) Install apk and play


  1. please add avatar hd game

  2. @rvlopeso6
    ok . i will add the avatar hd game tommorow . just be patient .

  3. Asal ak download game nie die kate video not supported..ape yg x kne nie...ak gne galaxy ace

  4. dude i have x8 But Video frame is not supported, same 320X480, but this game video is bigger then ma phone :(

  5. and Dungeon Hunter also the same issue for me dude, please fix the all links , Recheck it. otherwise you would have a bad feedback to you're blog mate.

  6. @M.Shajid
    just tap ok and play it . . i know about multiupload link is dead . now i will upload using mediafire

  7. i have a small problem . the starting things like logo and video and all not working ( sounds are coming but cant see the video the screen is black) . but after the video it works fine .i can play the game very well. just want o know why cant i see the stating logo and video and all . i am using xperia x8 (gingerxperia v13)

  8. @ruZdy
    bcoz the video resolution is bigger thats why the video goes black .

  9. plz fix the broken link plzzz im really need this game so bad
    thanks before

  10. @ikkynoctis
    ok2, thanks 4 ur notice

  11. Game starts with logo & video just fine but when i try to use sword to cut grass a pop up appears & game stops working!! :( plz help me.
    Phone - Sony Xperia Tipo (Android ICS 4.0.4)
    Please rply ASAP!!

  12. Thanx bro it works well on my vodafone smart 2but the screen is small but it playable thanx upload more games

    1. mybe your vodafone screen is wvga resolution thats why when you download a HVGA resolution game the game become small... Thanks for your support