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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cross Court Tennis HVGA (320x480)

Play the first 3d tennis game for Android!
2 ways to play this Tennis Game, Auto-Run or Tap to Run!
-Instant Play, 3 levels of difficulty
-Career Mode, become the next SuperStar!
-Upgrade skills through mini training
-Compete against 35 different Opponents with varying skills
-Automatically saves Career matches & tournaments in progress.
-Pro [or Advanced] level players can use the replay challenge system!
-8 unique tournaments
-3 distinct court surfaces with subtle physics [bounce] adjustments
-Controls are simple and intuitive, tap to move, swipe to hit
-Use Auto-Run mode to develop your shots, then try Free Running
-Hit lobs, slice, topspin, Flat, drop volleys, with EASE!
-Use Swipe gestures to control spins, straight for Flat / slice, circular for topspin
-Focus on the match, not on controls!
Download Link
Cross Court Tennis HVGA apk
Installation :
1) Install apk and play


  1. Can u add spiderman total mayhem??

  2. @izumi
    Spiderman total mayhem Hvga are not work perfectly

  3. Can u add more interesting games

  4. Can you add CK: Zombies this week because after 3 days i will go to camp. and ill will dont get computer with me.

  5. can u add counter strike

  6. how did u get the walkman on 2.3 dx
    please can u give me the link please

  7. @rvlopes06
    yes . thx 4 ur request . about walkman app u need to change ur Gingerdx to Gingerxperia . download link . download the v21b version . the rom is more fast and it has walkman player app already

  8. dude..... how much space it takes for installation

  9. dude upload the tennis game with apk around 5 mb ... my phone memory is very less... :( :(

  10. thanks!! it works and it even has walkman,timescape,but why is this showing
    camera 3 camera is 3.2 ??

  11. @karthik
    this game need 30mb space . about 5mb tennis game i will upload soon .

  12. @Rvlopes06
    i dont know . but they camera is work like 3.2 megapixel .

  13. when i installed this game it said tat (free up some space on ur phone and try again)i have lords of space in my internal mom. n sd card alsoo plzz help me androidgamerzzz_farhrul

  14. add veggie samurai hvga please

  15. @BlackTuna
    Thanks for ur request . i need to check the game first if that game work on HVGA device or not . .