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Thursday, 5 January 2012

SummitX Snowboarding HVGA (320x480)

Fear nothing. Tame the peak!
Play the most immersive, extreme snowboarding game to date.
The realism will amaze you. The experience will exhilarate you! The mountains will be SHREDDED!
In Summit X Snowboarding, you are truly carving down the mountain. Experience the highest quality HD graphics and rawest “true-to-life” physics of any snowboarding game in the world. Feel the speed. Catch big air. No game is more real or more gnarly! "Go Big to Win": perform the best tricks to get time bonuses so you can reach the bottom. You even get 1000 Cold Cash for unlocking tricks, boards, and designs. So what are you waiting for? Download now!
★ Supports Ice Cream Sandwich!!
★ High Definition Graphic is Available in the Pause menu for High End Devices!!
★ 36 multi-branching runs on 6 mountains
★ 6 customizable boards with many great designs
★ Majestic 3D terrain
★ Visual effects enhance sense of speed, big air, and fun
★ Play as a dude or a dudette
★ Licensed soundtrack from over 20 rock bands
Two-thumb sliding controls for carving, spins, flips, and rolls. Left and right buttons for grabs when you're in the air. Tilt device for air control. Simple and powerful: no distractions. Get to it!

Note : This game will work on 800mhz above

Download Link


Installation :
1) Copy data folder to sdcard/android/data
2) Install apk and play


  1. for multitouch
    i have done all the steps correctly
    but after typing
    insmod /system/lib/modules/ax8mt.ko
    why is this cming (operating not permited)
    please help ????????

  2. @rvlopes06
    after u finish type insmod /system/lib/modules/ax8mt.ko

    type dmesg

    after u type dmesg the system will says enjoy ur dual touch :)

  3. (operating not permited) should come or not ??

    enjoy ur dual touch :) nt cming

  4. Hi can you add Contract Killer Zombies

  5. @mama
    thanks 4 ur request . i will added contract killer zombies soon

  6. i cant download data... what should i do? help me

  7. @rar_roxx
    u mean the data link ? or ur download data game in a game ??

  8. admin,when u want to add gta3??can it work on w8??

  9. @izumi
    mybe this saturday or friday . sory bcoz now im busy with my school work and then i need to focus a study bcoz this year i have a Big exam . thats why i dont have a time to post a game . if i have a time i will post it . .

  10. Ok,sorry for disturb u??

  11. link dead..fix it bro..please