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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lord Of Darkness HVGA (320x480)

Lord of Darkness is a 3D action game where the main acter which is a dark guardian escapes after getting arrested while infiltrating into Tower of Death.
Protagonist is a dark guardian, after his arrest by all means to escape death tower. Applied throughout the game so players can experience the 3D effect is more beautiful pictures. In the game, players can buy weapons and equipment to improve the acter attributes. Here is the Tower of Death, less demons and demons lingered in the tower clock. Once someone is thrown into the tower to the death, the devil and demons who will immediately become very excited, because they can once again enjoy the taste of blood. And this time youre still into the death of the tower was the guy, make every effort to the fight, will determine whether you escape from the Tower of Death.
Game Features:
- Combat system - simple and clear methods of combat
- Weapon skill system - fashion style
- A total of 100 small off
- Arena Mode - unlimited challenges!

Download Link 

Installation :
1) Install apk and play

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