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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Homerun Battle 3D HVGA (320x480)

Are you prepared to be the next batter up?
Real-time Online Matchup Arcade, HOMERUN BATTLE 3D!!
Play ONLINE MATCHUP to battle 1-on-1 against millions of worldwide Homerun Battle sluggers out there!
- 4 Extra Modes : Online Match up, Arcade, Training, and Classic
- Over 100 Items : Uniforms, hats, equipment and other customizable features
- Exclusive Baseball Wear : Includes the official DeMarini CF4, Voodoo and other M2M bat equipment.
- Supports English, Chinese, French, Japanese and Korean
Download link
1) Install apk and play


  1. admin,what the meaning of armv6 and armv7??

  2. @izumi
    armv6 means mid-range processor and armv7 high-end processor . .