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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Parkour Roof Riders HVGA (320x480)

This is Full Version Games

Run over the city's roofs and become a professional in Parkour!
Become a professional Traceur!
Run over the different amazing roofs, but be careful! You may fall in the attempt..
Brand new Roof Riders!
Check this all new version:
✓ 5 different scenarios.
✓ Performance improvement for each type of device.
✓ Scores online.
✓ New flips and tricks.
✓ New sounds. New music.
✓ OpenFeint
Download Link
Parkour Roof Riders HVGA apk
Installation :
1) Install apk and play


  1. admin when did u want to add tekken??

  2. @izumi
    if i have a time i will add . .

  3. admin i need your help,please help me i begging u,my phone stuck at sony ericsson logo again,please help me,i don want to send to shop again cuz its so expensive too repair it,please admin,can u ask who know about this,i already use update service but there are no update available,please admin,i need your help,its stuck again when i install gingerxperia v25,that is sucker rom i will not download it anymore but admin please if u dont know can u ask someone that know about to repair it,please i beg u.i will respect u man but please help me admin,please!!

  4. @izumi
    using the sony ericsson update service back and ignore that message just install it ur phone back . . Gingerxperia v25 need flashtool to install the rom

  5. but it only have exit way.. can i use flashtool if yes how to use it,please admin i need my phone back today,please!!can u settle it today,please!!

  6. @izumi
    i dont know how to use flashtool many people has brick their phone using a flashtool so i recommend u dont try that flashtool . . recover ur phone back using SE Update Service . ignore ur phone has latest software message . just continue

  7. hah..admin,i already made 10 times,its only have exit way after it say no update available

  8. uninstall the update service and install it back . . and try update ur phone

  9. @admin,thank u for everything,u are helpful