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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tap Sonic HVGA (320x480)

Tap & Slide, Feel the flow~! Rhythm Action Tap Sonic!!
TAP SONIC by Neowiz Internet is the newest most exciting way to enjoy the latest tunes on your Android! Don’t just feel the music, Tap the beats and slide the rhythm with TAP SONIC!
[ How to play ]
- You can play TAP SONIC only online.
- Select game options at the music menu to enjoy various play modes.
- The song played in Single Game can be played again in Nonstop Game.
- Play the 4-line songs 10 times in Single Game to unlock the 5-line songs.
- Play the 5-line songs 30 times in Single Game to unlock the 6-line songs.
- Locked songs can be unlocked by completing Challenges.
- With a Premium Ticket, you can play selected songs without using Music Points.
- You can purchase Premium Tickets in the music menu and Shop.
- Purchase Premium Tickets by tapping the 'BUY' button for a song in the list.
- Songs that say 'PREMIUM' can be purchased with Premium Ticket.
- Perfect Plays by completing songs without missing any note.
- Log in with Twitter and Facebook to show off your skills and amaze your friends.

[ Features ]
- A variety of dynamic gaming options (Speed/Random/Fade)
- Using game option, to suit different levels and preferences.
- Starpoints are earned every time you play TAP SONIC
- Starpoints can be used for Score Bonus and/or Energy Up items!
- A range of difficulty to suit everyone’s gaming level
- Challenge 4, 5, or 6 line; Basic, Pro, Legend levels
- The Non-Stop play mode allows you to select up to 3 songs
[ Please read first ]
- Both charge and without-charge songs are constantly being updated.
- Level/ranking/multi-play functions will be updated in the near future
Download Link
Installation :
1) Install apk and play


  1. When did u want to add tekken psx??

  2. @izumi
    mybe this thursday or friday . .

  3. Admin,I already saw at your partner blog and I see there are modern combat 3 support for hvga,why u say it didn't support for hvga??

  4. @izumi
    bcoz it support armv7 only . the armv6 cannot play that game . .

  5. @izumi
    change the cpu processor ..

  6. Admin..I request that you add Guitar Hero..

  7. @Madrigal
    ok ! thanks 4 ur request

  8. is it work for x8?
    I open it and a pop up said test index : -3.
    when i press confirm the game exit

  9. @Muhammad Abdul Baasith
    this game need internet connection to play

  10. Hmm..

    minecrafte Pe .ver

    p500 is not play the game


    screen Size 320*480 please~!


    good morning ^-^