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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Tiki Golf 3D HVGA (320x480)

High speed mini-golf Madness!!
Insane Mini Golf in full 3D! Ramps, mega power boosts, moving platform bongos, giant dartboard targets, huge hammers, loop-de-loops, pipes, pineapples and more! Exotic vibrant courses that have the iconic mini golf appeal but feel more like water park rides than typical putt courses. Multiple play modes that keep you coming back for more.
"Tiki Golf 3D carries itself well, thanks to good graphics, imaginative settings, a sophisticated physics engine, and great audio." --
You are Tiki Bobby and all your prize artifacts have been taken by the Tiki gods Lono and Kahuna. You must travel to their worlds and prove yourself in extreme mini golf to earn them back!! Navigate jumps, bumps and humps in a wacky land of skill, thrills and fun.

3 Playable modes; Super Putt Putt minigolf, Pineapple Adventure and Time Trial!
Online Leader Boards that will display your Rank worldwide no matter what place you are, so you can track your skills as you improve.
2 Unlockable Difficulties
2 Worlds; Lono's Beach and an unlockable Kahuna's Volcano
18 primary minigolf holes 19 alternate holes
Special control options allow you to drive the ball like a race car using the Acceleromete
Download Link
Installation :
1) Install apk and play


  1. Admin can u give me link for froyo that's already multitouch,can u??

  2. @izumi
    try install multitouch using x8toolbox . it will install automatically on ur phone . .

  3. hey can u give me the backup file of 2.1 eclair
    i had accidentally deleted it
    please can u give me back up file for w8

  4. @rvlopes06
    here the download link

    extract the file first and the copy folder to sdcard/xrecovery/backup

  5. ‎!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!
    my w8 is not working
    it stuck on the 'sony ericsson'
    i cant even go to xrecovery
    !!!!PLEASE HELP!!
    the latest rom installed was CM7

  6. @rvlopes06
    mybe ur install Gingercruzt 8.5 . i have that problem 2 weeks ago . . hurm . to solve that download sony ericsson update service to recover ur W8 turns to normal . .

  7. can u please give me link

  8. no need of link anymore
    i got the solution
    now i m having the original rom thanks for help !!

  9. admin how about x8toolbox??i really confused to get multitouch using x8toolbox??can u teach me??

  10. @izumi
    sory . bcoz my phone has already multitouch . . it will harm my phone if i install one more time . . hurm . try the ginger ultimate . . here the download link

  11. Is this cm6??and work multitouch???

  12. Is this cm6??and work multitouch???

  13. @izumi
    no . its cm7 . about froyobread rom . here i have mediafire download link just choose what version did u want

  14. but how to get multitouch??

  15. Just try the v23b version mybe it has multitouch . .

  16. admin,i already download it but cant multitouch,can u ask somebody who know how to get multitouch on froyo??please help me admin cuz i really want to play game gangstar2 with multitouch,please??

  17. @izumi
    ok ! i will ask somebody to know which froyo rom has multitouch already .

  18. Admin,forget about froyo,actually I want froyo cuz it can play gangstar 2 but I think no gangstar2 its okay I can accept it,but can u give me link for gingerxperia v22 active laucher besides multiupload,if don't have,can u give link for gingerxperia like your version??sorry for embarrassing u..

  19. @izumi
    i dont have a gingerxperia v22 mirror link . btw im using gingerultimate v1 now . i have already give a gingerultimate link to u . .

  20. Can u give me link for gingerxperia anything version with already has xperia active laucher,please!!

  21. @izumi
    sory man, many i found all active launcher rom are upload using multiupload . .

  22. @izumi
    hey , i found the Gingerxperia v22 rom i dont know this version has arc launcher and active launcher bcoz i take it at Sony Ericsson W8 community page at facebook . .